Who We Serve

We serve individuals, business executives and organizations that really want to grow. 

Our holistic approach is designed to build Character and Competence so that we can help our clients to grow with care and confidence. We provide expertise and leadership to help companies: articulate their purpose, align their resources and commit to the activities that will take them to their desired destination.

A business exists to fill a need. Whether it is offering a product or a service, a business must identify a niche in the market where it can rise above the competition.  At The OnTarget Company, success is driven by focusing on two key factors:  Character and Competence

Character focuses inward (i.e., who you are on the inside) while

Competence focuses outward (i.e., who you are on the outside and how the world perceives you).

For example, character address the distinctive or defining operating principles such as corporate mission, vision, values and goals. It’s the foundation on which you stand. 

Competence is the ability to deliver against your stated objectives; your ability to produce results over time.  A business builds trust in the marketplace by making promises to its customers and then working diligently to fulfill those promises and the result is something we call a brand or a reputation.  It’s ultimately the brand, and what it represents, that drives others to ignore or embrace the products and services offered.  Successful brands are the result of successful customer experiences through a consistent fulfillment of expectations.

Whether in business or in life, your brand, and your personal reputation, represents a promise you make not only to yourself, but to others around you.  At the heart of every business is a mission statement, supported by a strategy, goals to serve as guide posts, alignment of resources and focused activities. One should approach life in the same manner.  We provide our clients with this type framework for success.

Our client profile is a person or organization that seeks objective counsel and accountability coaching in order to guide their performance on to the next level.