Discovering My Purpose

Is your Life OnTarget?®

If people fail to reach their TARGET destination, it is usually because of one or more of these reasons:

They don’t understand where they are going because they haven’t defined their target destination

They don’t realize the actual investment required to get to the desired return they are expecting

They don’t have the ability to make the journey because they are not prepared

They are not willing to do the work required to achieve success

Our approach is based on concepts that have been proven to be effective in executing strategy in the world of business and these concepts are equally effective in life.

The OnTarget Model provides a structued framework and an accountability system for articulating where you want to be at a given point in your life — say, one to five years — and then defining how you are going to get there.

It involves defining your purpose in clear and compelling term so that you will know when you have arrived.  Without a crisp, clear and compelling purpose, a plan to reach that destination, and focused execution of your plan to achieve your goals, you will drift away from success.