Aligning My Resources

Success Doesn’t Happen by Accident; It’s Intentional!

Based on years of observation and study, successful people have several characteristics in common. They understand their purpose, they are fully aligned and unwavering in their commitment to do the right things, the right way, at the right time for the right reasons in order to reach their very specific objectives. They start with a clear vision, they consider their options for getting there, they evaluate their risks, they plan their work and work their plan and, most importantly, they execute with and unwavering drive and passion.

They seem to have an intuitive understanding that everything they do takes them closer to or further from their TARGET. As a result, they do the things that are aligned with their goals and filter out the rest.  They understand that without a clear vision, a plan for getting things done and focused execution of that plan, they will drift aimlessly and waste their most finite and precious gift … their time.

What is the most frequent reason a business falls short in its attempt to deliver sustainable results?  Research shows that it usually is not because of a poor strategy, it is because of poor strategy execution.  After all, it is easy to get swallowed in the vortex of life’s day-to-day demands while your objectives drift away.

The OnTarget Company will guide you in crafting your personal plan to align your gift, abilities and resources to your purpose by working with you to create routines (i.e., strategies and tactics) that will help you to define your Targets and develop a roadmap to take you from where you are to where you want to go.