A “Life OnTarget®” lives at the intersection of “Purpose, Alignment and Commitment™”

Imagine living your life and running your business to its fullest. Have you created a road map that will guide you to that destination? Just as a gifted architect draws a detailed blueprint to serve as a guide in building an amazing structure, successful people develop road maps to guide them from where they are now to where they want to be, and then they commit to the journey.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What makes successful people so successful?”

Focused Strategy Execution

In business, the dicipline of strategy and strategy execution is a structured approach that successful companies follow to transform from their current state to their desired state.  Before companies start the journey, they must figure out:

Where they are today

Where they are going

How they are going to get to their desired destination

How are they going to measure their progress during their journey

In the business world, the Chief Executive Officer typically guides the articulation of the vision, the board of directors approves it, and the organization’s top executives manage it. In your personal life, you are the CEO, your mentors and advisors help you to make decision that will align you to your destination, and how you manage your resources will ultimately determine whether you hit your targets or not.

How you manage daily choices with respect to achieving your purpose is as important to your own success as it is to the success of any business.

In its simplest form, The OnTarget Company provides a framework for helping you to master the art and science of getting things done on time, on budget, as specified.  Success depends upon creating a sound strategy, developing the right tactics and then overseeing the execution of the plan with unwaivering commitment.

Accountability and commitment are paramount, and the best way to foster this is to find a mentor or to be a mentor.  Simply said, you need an accountability partner. Clients come to us for Unbiased Advice from Seasoned Business Coaches!