Are you ready to compete for a job in an increasing competitive global workforce?

The OnTarget Co. is partnering with WorkReadyGrad to develop pathways from leading STEM Universities to leading Companies.  We are pioneering the way top companies develop, engage and hire top Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics top students.

Brian Srikachana -  Founder and CEO of WorkReadyGrad™

  Brian Srikanchana is the founder of WorkReadyGrad™, and is playing an instrumental role in building OnTarget’s Workforce Development Practice. Brian comes from a family of educators; his grandfather was a professor at GSU and grandmother taught at Emory. His passion is helping talented College Students to gain meaningful employment in their choose field upon graduation. He is working with OnTarget to develop pathways from leading STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Schools, such as Georgia Tech and MIT, into leading organization, including Fortune 50 companies. Brian, along with dozens of Georgia Tech students and alumni, are developing the premier online platform to connect students with employers and alumni, informing students of real-world talent needs while enabling them to become “good fit” job candidates by the time they graduate.

Brian is also the Co-founded the Georgia Entrepreneur’s Society and the Georgia Tech Public Speaking Club. He has also participated in three Georgia Tech startup companies. One of which, BioFueltration, was selected as a semifinalist in MIT’s Ignite Clean Energy competition.  Brian earned his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech.

College equips you with a great education, but does it equip you for a smooth transition into your chosen career?

WorkReadyGrad™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps students streamline the process of determining their career path, engaging the most relevant resources on and off campus, and landing their first job/internship.

Let WorkReadyGrad help you accelerate your success helping you to better understand the skills and abilities employers demand and the pathways necessary to build them. It’s all about supply and demand and WorkReady is the clearing house! We are an efficient mechanism for employers to forecast demand so that the supply side of talent responds appropriately. Employers get better people and people get better jobs!

Here’s a simple analogy to convey how it works… Just as sports agents and talent scouts monitor the development of athletes from little league through high school and then into college before recruiting them to professional teams, Talent Acquisition managers now have the ability to monitor student progress in their academic careers.

If you want to “go pro” after graduating, WorkReadyGrad can help you develop the skills leading companies want to employ!

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