Workforce Development

Matching Talent with Opportunity:

The OnTarget Company is keenly aware that great people deliver great service.

The supply and demand for talent is constantly changing in response to market conditions.  Does your organization have a short-term and long-term strategy for delivering a great client experience; an experience worth repeating in any economic climate?

The key to growing with care and confidence is the organizations ability to deliver on its promises, and this can’t be done without people that are equipped for success.  The OnTarget Company works in conjunction with Chambers of Commerce, academic institutions and employers in order to develop programs that build relevant, employable skills.

Key areas where we help companies to develop competitive advantages include:

Employee Selection – Most employee selection tools focus on ability only.  Our studies show that success is driven by much more than raw ability alone.  It is also driven by things like character, willingness to serve and a commitment to excellence.  Are you assessing for these characteristics?  Let us help you to identify the characteristics that will be the critical enablers in your organizational growth.

Short Term Matching of Talent With Opportunity – What work should be centralized, what work should be outsourced and what work is core to your business?  Our model is designed to build capabilities within your system.  We think about things like, repeatability, scalability and client experience.  To build cultures that endure, it is critical to get the right people in the right roles, doing the right things in the right way.  Focus on what you do best and let us help with your interim resource and project needs.

Long Term Candidate Flow – Is your voice being heard?  Developing a scalable workforce and a pipeline of qualified candidates is an ongoing challenge for any growing organization.  Are you working with partners in academia and the various employee training and development organizations to let them know the types of resources you need in your business?

At the OnTarget Company, we keep track of market conditions and help our clients to develop a framework that will provide a sustainable supply of talent so that your organization can deliver the experience that your clients and patrons demand.