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Developing Culture and Competence is the name of the game in a competitive marketplace, so how do you foster an environment that will ensure that your organization is working toward the same goals in a way that is efficient and effective? To unleash the hidden talent that lies deep within your organization, it takes inspiring leadership. Our speakers will help to motivate your organization to fulfill its mission. We will work with you to inspire your team so that you not only get the arms and legs to do the work; you also get the hearts and minds.

Harness the power of Purpose, Alignment and Commitment to lead your organization to a common destination. There’s not a moment to lose– let us help you get and stay OnTarget.

Bill Price –   Is Your Life OnTarget?®”, “Purpose, Alignment, Commitment™” and“Strategy Execution and Inspiring Excellence”

Bill Price , Founder of The OnTarget Co., is an accomplished Finance, IT, Operations, Business Development, Sales and Marketing Executive with a track record of success in entrepreneurial to large corporate environments due to his ability to focus on what is needed and can be achieved. He has a gift for developing relationships and a passion for working with organizations and individuals to design and execute strategies to define and hit their targets.   

Jessica Black - “Dare to Dream take the Journey”

   Jessica Black is Miss United States 2010.  Her story inspires other to follow and capture their dreams.  She is a proven spokesperson and fundraiser with a passion for raising charity dollars and helping others to reach their potential.  Jessica has been featured on national networks such as MTV, HGTV, and Lifetime Television as well as hundreds of local, national, and international news stations. She also worked on local and national commercial and print advertisement campaigns raising awareness for just causes and organizations.

David Geller, J.D., CFP - Wealth & Happiness: Using Your Wealth to Create a Better Life

  David Geller is the CEO and co-founder of GV Financial Advisors, one of Atlanta’s leading wealth management firms.  During his more than 25 years in financial planning, David Geller has advised some very wealthy clients.  However, despite having achieved monetary success, many of Geller’s clients were still struggling to find greater satisfaction, happiness and meaning in their own lives.   Geller’s 2012 book, Wealth & Happiness: Using Your Wealth to Create a Better Life, represents the culmination of David’s quest for a revolutionary philosophy and a novel process for helping his clients create greater happiness in their own lives. Through his fable, turned self-help storytelling, Geller delves deeply into the confounding relationship between wealth and happiness. His work confirms and advances the renowned philosopher Aristotle’s belief that “happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim of human existence.”

Lamar Chesney, CPA - “Operational Excellence”

  Lamar Chesney has published many articles on leadership, finance and supply chain management as well as the author of “Reflections – Selected Interpretative Vignettes of Life’s Meaning and Message”.  He also is a frequent keynote speaker at Finance, Industry and Procurement Conferences.  He conducts Leadership Development classes for aspiring professionals and is a mentor to many.  Lamar has been the recipient of several recognitions including most recently the 2010 Next Practices Innovator Award from The MPower Group and the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award from Ariba.

Randy Walton - “Strategic Marketing”

  Randy Walton is a pioneer in developing compelling and profitable market strategies through the use of a unique, core value assessment and ideation process. He has extensive experience in corporate strategic planning, operations management, marketing, technology operations, business consulting, and organizational leadership. Mr. Walton works and travels extensively throughout North America and Western Europe mentoring and advising senior leaders and executive teams

Cindi Filer - “Discover Your Sweet Spot and Begin to Love What You Do”

  Have you discovered your sweet spot?  Cindi Filer is the Founder of Innovative Outsourcing, a leader in long-term, part-time staffing in Atlanta.  In this session Cindi will describe her journey to a career she loves and share stories of how she has helped others to do the same.  Cindi has over 20 years of experience in HR, Finance and Staff Development. She became a key player in establishing the HR division of WorldSpan, a provider of travel technology formed by a joint venture between Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines and TWA in the early ’90’s. She left the corporate world and began her own part-time staffing company which has been in business for more than 17 years.   Cindi specializes in staff placement and organizational staffing structure ensuring her clients get the most from their employees by placing them in positions that promote their success.

Josh Oakley - “Successful BIM  adoption is more than software and training.  It’s an exercise in Change Management.”

  Josh Oakley is the Founder of ANGL Consulting.  He is an industry expert in Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology and the workflows and processes necessary for its successful application. Before founding ANGL, Josh spent 4 years leading BIM implementation at The Beck Group in Atlanta, a nationally recognized Architecture and Construction firm. Josh worked with multi-discipline teams to design processes for information exchange during design, pre-construction, and construction.

Brian Srikanchana - “Becoming a WorkReady Graduate in Today’s Economy”

  Brian Srikanchana is the Founder & CEO of WorkReadyGrad™.  This session discusses Brian’s journey to employment after his graduation from Georgia Tech in 2008 – right as the stock market and world economy came crashing down. Despite the challenging economic conditions, Brian was able to land a fulfilling job where he remains today.  In his spare time — in addition to mentoring current students in Tech’s alumni mentorship program — he has led a team of Computer Science Seniors to develop the leading pathway from College to the Workforce, www.WorkReadyGrad.com.  This platform helps students streamline the process of navigating their career path development and landing their first job/internship.

Sonny Newton -   “Finishing Well”

Y.D. “Sonny” Newton II is the retired Vice President of Purchasing and Distribution at Chick-fil-A, where he served for over 25 years in operations and strategic planning. At the request of the Cathy family, he spent much of the last several years mentoring the next generation of leadership at Chick-fil-A. Sonny graduated from the University of South Carolina and also serves as board Chairman for Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Oconee County Georgia. He is a member at Mountain Park Methodist Church. Sonny and his wife, Jenny, have two daughters and four grandchildren.

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