Executive “CXO” Services

Sr Executive Leadership on a Fractional Basis:

The OnTarget Co.’s Executive “CXO” Services practice represents a fractional staffing model in which established executives serve clients on an “as needed” basis.

For Emerging Companies

Early stage companies or those experiencing significant growth often have the need for experienced executives in a variety of functional capacities including Marketing, Finance, Operations and Business Development.  However, the firm’s budget may not allow for directly hiring a permanent staff member in one of those functions nor are there funds or the time available for executing a search.  The OnTarget Company’s CXO Services provide an efficient, cost effective process for matching up a seasoned functional executive with the emerging company’s need without the hassle of an exhaustive search or the financial commitment of a permanent hire.  The client is able to stay on budget by determining the amount of time that the fractional executive will be working, and there are no long term commitments.  This also has the added benefit of transferring knowledge from an experienced professional into your organization with the goal of accelerating your success. 

For Mid-Market Companies

While mid-market companies may have a similar need for a fractional staffing model just like emerging companies, this group of firms may also find itself in need of an interim staffing solution when a senior role becomes vacant either through permanent departure of an employee or through a temporary leave of absence.  In either case, The OnTarget Company is equipped to supply an experienced executive that can fulfill the responsibilities of the open position until a replacement is hired or the incumbent returns to work.

For Large Companies

Being able to have on-demand access to experienced leaders is critical as you work to optimize your workforce.  To help balance the peaks and valleys of your demand for talent, we are a partner you can rely on to help you flex your workforce up and down in response to market conditions.     

The OnTarget CXO

The OnTarget Company attracts executives with a variety of industry experiences and a depth of functional knowledge into its pool of capable CXO Services candidates.  Our goal is to be the destination where the demand for exceptional seasoned leadership meets the supply of exceptional leadership on an “as needed” basis. Contact us to learn more about the flexible solutions that may be crafted to meet your business’ specific needs.