Is Your Strategy OnTarget?  We help our clients define and hit their targets!

We are experienced executives who use our special areas of expertise to help companies achieve their business goals through a strategy of Purpose, Alignment and Commitment.  Discover how The OnTarget Co. can help your company identify quick wins and develop medium and long-term strategies to increased revenue, profits and productivity.



Have you specifically defined your target, such as your personal / business missions, vision, values, goals and guiding principles?


Have you created a road map to your desired destination and aligned your resources appropriately?


We create performance metrics and processes for tracking results.  If things get off track, we act as surge support to make up lost ground and right the ship!  


The J-Curve

Personal and Business Strategy Execution takes time, energy, and resources resulting in an unavoidable learning curve. The J-Curve is an illustration of the journey from where you are today to your desired destination. Its purpose is to visually clarify and establish healthy expectations in the process of introducing change into your organization. As you see below, the J-Curve progresses through the following stages:

1.  Current Capability – Where your are today; your organization’s current state and baseline performance.  

2.  Desired Capability – Where you want to be; your desired state after fully implementing your strategy. 

3.  Expected Path – The path most organizations, unfortunately, expect to take; to jump right to the desired capability without an understanding of the investment required to realize the return expected.

4.  Actual Curve – The downward slope of hard truth. The actual learning curve is often more difficult to adapt to than expected. Consequently, this can place unexpected stress on organizational resources leading to failure or something less than the targeted result.

5.  OnTarget – With the proper execution of the strategy, there is an optimal curve that minimizes the depth and duration of the investment period which accelerates the realization of your ROI and your journey to success.    

This J-curve diagram is very helpful to us in explaining the role of the value-added services and capabilities offered by The OnTarget Company and its affiliates. 

What can you expect from working with us? 

A renewed sense of urgency, team spirit and a “Whatever It Takes” mindset. 

Success does not happen by accident – it happens when purpose is declared, resources are aligned and individuals and companies follow through with unwavering commitment to bring the vision to life.

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